Playing The Motor City Madness Board Game


with Motor City Madness.  The racing board game that allows you to play your favorite 1:64 scale die-cast replica race cars!

Put The Pedal To The Metal And Punch It To The Winner’s Circle!

Move Fast or Stay Last

Be the first player to complete 10 laps around the track as you race your opponents to the checkered flag!

Play With Your Favorite Cars

Play with the included pieces or your own 1:64 die-cast cars to create endless racing scenarios 

6 Player Action

The game is designed for up to 6 players to take to the track to bump and run their way to first place

Grab Some Friends And Roll for the Pole!

What People Are Saying

I played Motor City Madness and loved it!!

It was entertaining and competitive enough to keep our teens off their phones.

A great way to spend some quality time with friends and family. Captures the thrill of a race while being at home.

Not just a board game for race car fans but also, for anyone looking for a fun way to spend the evening. 

- Nancy M

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I’m a big Nascar fan and absolutely had a blast playing Motor City Madness!!

The game is fun and competitive and has all the elements of a race that a racing fan appreciates like crashes, slingshots, and the pit lanes!!

We had so much fun playing this I would recommend it to everyone!!

- Chris E

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I have had the pleasure of playing Motor City Madness with some friends.

For a new board game, I found the game fun and challenging. It is a game that a bunch of people can get together, have a few drinks, socialize, laugh and have actual fun competition.

I would definitely look for this game when it comes out and purchase it to play with my family and friends. It would be a fun family night….

- Mike C

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Gary Elliot Motorsports

January 5th 2023

My family and I recently got to play the Motor City Madness board game.  There were six of us and we had a great time.  The first game/race was so much fun that we decided to have another race. In spite of my racing experience I didn’t win either race, but had a fantastic time.

The game will keep you focused watching how other players/drivers are doing.

I’ve been racing for over 50 years and recommend this game to relax and enjoy time with family of all ages.  It’s a simple game and never gets boring.

Gary Elliott
o/o Gary Elliott Motorsports


Meet The Team

Hey All , my name is Denis

Hey All , my name is Denis

As the creator of Race Car Entertainment, I would like to introduce to you a racing board game called Motor City Madness. This board game was created and developed for my love of auto racing, my passion for collecting die-cast race cars, and the joy of playing board games.

Motor City Madness is the highlight of my culminating wild, creative, intuitive mind and the pinnacle of my fun-seeking curiosity.

For this venture I have put together a great team of like-minded individuals, whose mutual goal is to bring this exciting game to you and the world.

So roll that dice and let’s make Motor City Madness reach the Winner’s Circle in your home !!!

Hi, I'm Craig

Hi, I'm Craig

Racing cars have always fascinated me from a young age. Rolling my Hot Wheels along the track and through the loops kept me entertained for hours. Fast forward a few years and I am a huge racing fan. The speed of the cars and the sound of the engines revving is exhilarating.

So when offered the chance to be a part of Motor City Madness I jumped at the opportunity. My background in Sales for the last 13 years will help get this board game into the hands of racing fans and board game lovers everywhere!! So Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines!!

Family Playing The Racing Board Game

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